Friday, April 30, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fantastic jewels for all of you pedal maniacs!

Jewelry for fashionable gearheads

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

But don't forget ur helmet, chix!

check them out! It has many colors! bernunlimited

Style? Of course! Safety? Absolutely!

Real girls, ride hard! hell yeah!

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Ride hard we do! Welcome Friday, welcome weekend!

2 days celebration-SARTJE's Birthday!! Happy Happy life Sartje!

From Saturday night, to Sunday morning. All night, all day. Put on a happy face, than roll on chix! This the report!



"Love you, Sinyo...!"


"Nice and big smile sartjeee!"

"Put it on, dix!"



Time to riiideeee....!!


"To Monas ahead! Jmx and Gibranos"

"Smillleee... JMX!"

"Yeahh youu!"


"Yiihhaaa! Big smile hayya chix!?"

"'till death do us part..."


Today, there are surprise from the SSS's crew!
And what fun could it be when there's another ridin' with all Jakarta fixie crew....
Hope u enjoy ur day, Sartje!



"hmmm.....! yuumm!"

"Sartje and jaue maxx"

Sunday Scenery

"Sartje and Nastee"

Jakarta Fixie Scene

"JMX the guardian"

"Behind The Scene"

When everybody is takin' a pic, we chix just layin' around admiring the blue sky of Sunday!! Nice!!




Ready, Get Set, Go Chix!

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